Who are We

Who Are We?

As the Inovanka Team, we have been offering Company Culture Building, Innovation and Digital Marketing services to our trusting customers since 2013.

Our professional outlook and continuous progress fueled by working with open minded companies, allows us to provide various benefits to our customers.

User focused Digital Marketing Services, Google Adwords Services (as Google partner), Company Culture Development and Innovation Trainings are just a few examples of the benefits we present to our clients.

Our intelligence and experience serve as a call for actions and stimulate our desire for greater success.

Our Difference?

Witnessing the positive impact of happiness on success made us realize that the greatest support we can provide can be achieved through creating happiness focused company culture.

After this epiphany (clarification), we began helping (supporting) our clients by providing them services in various fields, such as; support through search for ultimate goal of a company, creation of work environments supportive of growth (and learning), protection of happiness of all the team members and adaptation to innovations.

By reinforcing our efforts with our Digital Marketing experience, we aspire to help our clients gain more from their digital investments.  Our observations revealed that fabricating a combination of Company Culture, Digital Marketing and Innovation is much more effective than implying these consepts separately.